The connection:

“Hi Paul, meet Carl. Carl, meet Paul. Paul is the magician responsible for building the Rock Lobster racing machines. I’ve lusted over Rock Lobster Frames since I started racing bikes 10 years ago. The things are amazing looking and while I’ve never ridden one, I’m sure they are flawlessly quick and racy. I think Carl will fit well with the Rock Lobster brand. He won the mid-atlantic masters cross series overall and finished high in the ranks of the Verge New England masters ‘cross series as well. Carl races EVERY weekend and is a soul crusher (even on our winter “gentleman” rides).”

Love the way Paul draws out his builds on paper and lays out the frame on the paper as he goes. Old school awesomeness! I wish I could have one of each of our builders’ frames. We, as a team, are so lucky to be involved with all these guys.