A calculated death march. 70% of my last 120 days consumed by air travel to/fro the bet was on how long I would last with the front group looking like I do before my step classes. Yes, there I said it, I take group fitness classes. I had moments of introspective weakness, moments where I rode alone for miles & miles, and moments riding with the #NECX community helping me gather my relevance to the Fundo ride when frankly I had no right riding it on no training. I had not ridden for almost 3 weeks heading into Saturday. Nadda, zip, not a seat on the saddle. Jumping into the course of Fun with no legs was a gamble. Ride for JPOW and his J.A.M fund, give to something one of the nicest guys in bike racing is passionate about, and ride with my Mad Alchemy brothers & sisters, easy to put myself into the funnel. The final zip line through the canopied woods descending almost 10 miles in the most gnarly dirt conditions, or choose the endless pitched climbs, no choice is wrong. My highlight of the day was not just the boss #NECX community that continues to delight me with their commitment to our unique culture, but most importantly the staying will power of my ride and the commitment of one rider to stick with me on my personal death march. DF a.k.a Solobreak rode the last 30 miles with me keeping my ‘fresh’ legs honest. Every one of us has had a moment when a rider, runner, friend, coach, loved one has propped us up to fight our internal demons and finish a task. My task demon at the Fundo was in the form of a #NECX masters racer and friend. Add in the #NECX, JPOW, J.A.M and my Mad Alchemy brother/sister hood…..bold the shit out of the FUN in the FUNdo…..(MattS)