“Flew into town early Saturday AM after scheduling a month long work trip around New England Worlds. While most were shaking out the cobwebs all September I was immersed in the rodeo culture of Fort Worth, Texas. Well, cowboy hats proved themselves superior headgear in the Gloucester rain and half the NECX didn’t recognize my new Texas style but they embraced the new cyclocross crazed cowboy fan. I ditched the belt and the boots for some Mad Alchemy and gave the races a shot. 55F was only 40 degress colder than my usual riding temp but the Gloucester courses are 2nd to none and it was only disappointment I couldn’t keep riding when Powers lapped me day 1 and Trebon on day 2. The equipment is getting dialed and with some hopeful speed in the legs the results will come. The MAD colors were all over the 1/2/3 35+ as N.E. sensation PVB raced with a baby on the way!”


Photos: David Chiu : http://kagl.com/portfolio/