Rock Lobster

At the races people have been asking me how I like my new Rock Lobster – so here is a mini review.

I’ve had my Rock Lobster Team 7005 aluminum cross bike for a few months now. In terms of position on the bike, I started off by setting it up identical to my road bike, and then lowered the seat a fraction and put on a 1 cm shorter stem. That works great for me.

There are lots to like about the bike: it accelerates well, it’s light, comfortable to carry on shoulder, handles like a dream, and looks great. The powder coating is really durable and resists scratches remarkably well.

Paul at Rock Lobster has been building frames for a long time and knows how to build a cross bike! If you want a no nonsense race bike that looks great, handles well, is super comfortable, light, and you are going to beat the hell out of it – get a Rock Lobster!