“It’s really about the ride. That’s what important to me. I mean, you can have all the cutouts and fancy details you want, but how does it ride?” –Chris Igleheart

Igleheart speaks the truth. Grams, centimeters, angles- the numbers in the catalog aren’t going to drive your bike through a rutted out off-camber hairpin. You don’t need carbon. Nor do you want to read about another bike that is “stable yet quick” or is “an extension of the rider.”

Quite simply, when it comes to ‘cross it’s ALL about the ride. It’s all about confidence in your bike, not some numbers. This bike gets it done in every way. Igleheart has been building CX bikes for regional elite riders for years and every season he refines the frameset to another level. I was instantly a better rider when I threw a leg over this bike. I’ve ridden many good carbon and aluminum ‘cross bikes and this bike just rides better. It really does beg to be ridden. I hope I can ride an Igleheart for the rest of my life. If you see me at the races and would to give it a try, please ask. Picking it up to feel how light it is- not a test ride!
Seeing the narrow, sexy steel tubes and walking on by because it’s not carbon is not a test ride. You will be shocked when you get on it.