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What is Mad Alchemy?

Created in the spring of 2008, Mad Alchemy, Inc. was inspired by a deep love for the sport of cyclocross, artisan handmade bicycles and DIY fuckall attitude.  In the years since, we’ve worked tirelessly, pushing forward, breaking tradition,  and handcrafting the finest stock, custom, limited edition and PRO inspired embrocation blends available.

As our knowledge and experience of skincare principles expanded, as did our catalog of offerings. We now also produce a fine line of veggie based, paraben free chamois crèmes powered by nature.  Where many other companies use chemicals, Mad Alchemy has chosen to take advantage of the natural antibacterial and antifungal properties of botanical oils to protect against irritation.

What’s next?  There are shaving crème prototypes floating around out there and some amazing mash-ups coming your way soon.

Mad Alchemy Mission

Mad Alchemy is committed to providing 100% natural & pure body care line of products handmade in small batches from our hands to your body.

Mad Alchemy Core Values

-Embrocate for our experience & the love of our sport

-Live the journey of life; pure & honestly
-Give Back & Pay it Forward
-Engage ourselves & our customers in our life footprint

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