the builders

Handcrafted is who we are.  It’s what we do.  Mad Alchemy has turned down opportunities to increase mechanization of production in order to maintain this intimate connection to the products we create. There’s frequently a disconnect between a company and it’s goods.  At Mad Alchemy, we have a passion for creating with our hands and have no plans to change.  So when we where considering team bikes it felt only natural that we use companies that employ the same principles of production and connection to their products.  What we’ve created have been an amazing network of builders, creating through passion with their hands. 

So far the list is as follows:

Alchemy Bicycles (Austin, TX)
Cielo by Chris King (Portland, OR)
Commonwealth Bikes (Medford, MA)
Darkstar (Nashua, NH)
Firefly Bicycles (Boston, MA)
Igleheart Custom Frames and Forks (Wenham, MA)
Moots Bicycles (Steamboat Springs, CO)
Rock Lobster Bikes (Santa Cruz, CA)
Stoemper Bicycles (Springfield, OR)
Zanconato (Sutton, MA)

Please lend them a few minutes of your attention.  Discover what it means to be handcrafted.

The Mad Alchemy / Verge Rider Cooperative will share the
stories of the bikes we will ride here on this blog. 

Stay tuned, we have some great stories to tell


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