the team

It’s been some time since I’ve gotten to see my cycling folk, but it was worth the wait… This weekend served as the inception for OUR new team, The Mad Alchemy / Verge Rider Cooperative. It’s really a phenomenal group, handpicked for their dedication and passion for the sport of cycling. This is a group unafraid of adventure, or failure or of giving back. If this weekend’s gathering was any indication of the future, we’re going to accomplish amazing things this year. I can feel it!

Introducing the 2012 Mad Alchemy / Verge Rider Cooperative:

Jordan Dube

Cary Fridrich

Ryan Larocque

Mike Magur

Chris Milliman

Carl Reglar

Matt Simpson

Pete Smith

Don Snoop jr.

Justin Spinelli

Pierre Vanden Borre

Jan Wiejak

David Wilcox

Kevin Wolfson


2 thoughts on “the team”

  1. Are you bringing along embrocation and chamois cream for the ride?

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